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Hello there. I am Daniel, a native English teacher with over a decade's experience teaching in Finland. Originally from Brighton in the UK, I now feel right at home in the even-less-temperate city of Helsinki.

My hobbies include freestyle football, music (trying to play the piano as well as this), reading (several favourite books here), programming (I started learning with this amazing free resource), and some rather less high-brow activities.

You can find me on LinkedIn here.

Daniel, teacher at Lingo Adventures
Daniel (with a haircut he was unhappy with)


Daniel has been an inspiring teacher and successful in motivating me and maintaining my interest in learning ... He utilises the latest technological tools ... He has the ability and know-how to keep students excited about learning. I think the reason for that is he has a passion for the work he is doing. I can wholeheartedly recommend studying with Daniel!

– Ilpo Niemi, Director, Niemi

Daniel has constantly received excellent feedback from his students. He has a very positive and encouraging style of teaching, with which he invariably manages to make the shyest of students speak and use English more effectively at work.

– Miia Tanskanen, Managing Director, Kielimaailma, Helsinki

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being the best English teacher I have ever had, and for supporting me in my job by doing brilliant proofreadings and giving outstanding advice.

– Ritva Lahtonen, Translator at PRH, Helsinki

Our translator team has benefited a lot from our co-operation with Daniel. With his help we have learned about some of the latest learning technologies and advanced-level information sources that are useful for language professionals. Whether distance teaching or meeting us face-to-face, he always conjures up an inspiring and cheerful learning atmosphere.

– Marja, Chief Translator at PRH, Helsinki

I liked Daniel's lessons because they were interesting, sometimes even funny. Also it was great experience for me because I want to teach foreign pupils in Russian language. Thank you! It was great! I miss it!

– Yana, Russian student at Lärkkulla Language Centre, Karjaa

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